Pinwheel Auto Shape – Create Consecutive Spirals

pinwheelThe Pinwheel Auto Shape creates a “Pinwheel” consisting of 2 to 16 consecutive spirals placed revolved around a common center. It consists of 5 control points to control size (inner and outer radius), rotation, spiral count, spiral style (solid, checker, and wire which can be cycled through by clicking the Style and Count control point) and spiral curvature. As an additional feature, you can use the sub select tool to alter the path of the primary spiral (the one previewed when altering the shape that is formed between the control points) and have all other consecutive spirals mimic the change. Altering the shape with control points after doing this will undo the effects.


Copy Merged – Copy and Paste for Export

copymergedFireworks is great because you can create lots of individual objects on multiple layers and then easily export a single merged image. But what if you want to simply copy the flattened pixels onto the clipboard and then paste them into another application?
You could export the image, open the file, select all, and then do the copy, but that’s not very convenient if you’re modifying your image a lot and have to copy each change. Or, you could select all the objects in you document and then copy, but only objects on unlocked layers get copied that way, forcing you to unlock every layer first.
With just one step, the Copy Merged command copies onto the clipboard the entire document as a flattened image. It even copies the objects on locked layers, without affecting your document.
If you want to copy just a portion of your image, first select an object that encompasses the area you want to copy, and then run the command. Slices work well for this purpose. Copy Merged will copy only the area covered by the selected object.


Harmonia – Color Scheme Generator for Fireworks

HarmoniaHarmonia generates harmonious color schemes with ease. Simply select a color from the color spectrum and Harmonia gives you its complementary, split-complementary, triad and analogous colors.
Great color picker.

NOTE: This is an extension I downloaded a while back, when I try to visit its homepage its a dead link. If anyone can help, so I can give credit.

Watermark 1.0 – Watermark your images with ease

This featured extension is from Fireworks Zone, a site rich in Fireworks extensions and tutorials.

Watermark 1.0 is a Fireworks command which allows watermarking with 4 main features : position, message, date and time. In partnership with Fabrizio Ciampini + Hiroshi Miyazawa.

Watermark 1.0 ScreenshotFeatures
1. Watermark position: Watermark gives you the choice between 9 positions in your file.
2. Name: can be a message, name, symbols or text you want to insert.
3. Date formats: you can select either the European format : Date/Month/Year or the American format: Month/Day/Year.
4. Time formats: you can select to insert: hour : month :second or hour :minute or just hour.
5. Preview window: in Arial 12 black.
6. Close button: close the command which tells Fireworks to keep the changes.
7. Apply button: click Apply and it creates the watermark as set by the Commands options.
8. Watermark order : name-date-time or date-time-name or time-date-name.
9. 2 type of separators or line by line : dash or comma separators or each information on one line.
10. In features 2,3 and 4 you can hide or display: text, date and time with a checkbox.


Color Glow v.2.2.1 – Accurate Color Control

Version 2.2.1 adds a Flash GUI, and a more accurate control of the effect to be applied on the selected image, to the previous version, which, with “Soft Glamour”, has been featured as one of the best Fireworks extension on September 2002 issue of Computer Arts Special. “Color Glow” is a non-destructive image effect for Fireworks MX that can be employed to colorize and glow selected part of an image.


Extrude Paths – Extrudes a single selected vector path vertically

Extrude PathExtrudes a single selected vector path vertically at a specified height. This does not alter the original path but, instead, creates 2 new objects representing the extrusion: 1) a copy of the original as the cap or top of the extrusion (the original remains in its place at the bottom of the extrusion) and 2) a group of paths making up the extrusion walls.

Note: depth sorting for the extrusion wall paths is not perfect due to varying sizes of paths. After extruding, you may need to manually adjust arrangement for more accurate results. Also, complicated paths (such as paths converted from text) could cause slow results.

Run Extrude Path from your Commands > Paths menu.


Annotations – View and Edit Simple Text Annotations

Annotations ScreenshotThis Annotations panel lets you view and edit simple text annotations for any fireworks PNG document and any individual object within it. When an object is selected annotations are displayed for that object. When no object is selected, document annotations are shown.
Plus icon [+] saves an annotation*
The Minus icon [-] clears the current annotation

*Note annotations can only be added to a single selection or no selection (document) and not multiple selections (in other words, to add an annotation to a selection, make sure you have only one object in that selection; a multiple object selection will not save).

** Warning: With auto update applied (annotations update for selections as they are selected, FMX 2004) you may experience problems when working with some tools. The option for disabling this has been added to help get around those issues. With auto update off, you can manually obtain a selection’s annotations using the Update button.


Simple Link – Simple object linking

Simple LinkSimple Linked Selection is panel allowing you to add simple object linking functionality into Fireworks. What it does is, when enabled, allows you to add links between a selection of objects so that when one object is selected, the other objects linked with that object become selected too effectively having the images “linked.


Select Points – Fireworks Command

To manipulate vectors with a high degree of control it’s often necessary to subselect individual points on the path. But selecting lots of individual points on a complicated path can be awkward, especially if it’s hard to use the marquee to select them. The commands in this extension can reduce the amount of clicking required to select those points.

selectpointthumbFour of the commands will select all the points on the top, bottom, left or right half of the path: Select Points – Top, Select Points – Bottom, etc. This can be helpful when you want to resize the path in one dimension by moving half of its points.

Compound paths with interior holes present a special challenge. It’s possible to move an interior hole by selecting all the points on it, but doing this over and over becomes tiresome. The Select Points – All command simplifies matters. If you subselect just one of the points on the interior hole’s path and run the command, all the other points on the path will be selected as well. You can do this with multiple objects at the same time.