Copy Merged – Copy and Paste for Export

copymergedFireworks is great because you can create lots of individual objects on multiple layers and then easily export a single merged image. But what if you want to simply copy the flattened pixels onto the clipboard and then paste them into another application?
You could export the image, open the file, select all, and then do the copy, but that’s not very convenient if you’re modifying your image a lot and have to copy each change. Or, you could select all the objects in you document and then copy, but only objects on unlocked layers get copied that way, forcing you to unlock every layer first.
With just one step, the Copy Merged command copies onto the clipboard the entire document as a flattened image. It even copies the objects on locked layers, without affecting your document.
If you want to copy just a portion of your image, first select an object that encompasses the area you want to copy, and then run the command. Slices work well for this purpose. Copy Merged will copy only the area covered by the selected object.


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