Watermark 1.0 – Watermark your images with ease

This featured extension is from Fireworks Zone, a site rich in Fireworks extensions and tutorials.

Watermark 1.0 is a Fireworks command which allows watermarking with 4 main features : position, message, date and time. In partnership with Fabrizio Ciampini + Hiroshi Miyazawa.

Watermark 1.0 ScreenshotFeatures
1. Watermark position: Watermark gives you the choice between 9 positions in your file.
2. Name: can be a message, name, symbols or text you want to insert.
3. Date formats: you can select either the European format : Date/Month/Year or the American format: Month/Day/Year.
4. Time formats: you can select to insert: hour : month :second or hour :minute or just hour.
5. Preview window: in Arial 12 black.
6. Close button: close the command which tells Fireworks to keep the changes.
7. Apply button: click Apply and it creates the watermark as set by the Commands options.
8. Watermark order : name-date-time or date-time-name or time-date-name.
9. 2 type of separators or line by line : dash or comma separators or each information on one line.
10. In features 2,3 and 4 you can hide or display: text, date and time with a checkbox.


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